We can feel uncomfortable if our mouth is stinky not only after waking up. Our smile could also be ugly due to missing teeth so in your everyday life you may try to avoid smiling and confidence could be missing from your appearance. On top of these unpleasant symptoms teeth not treated regularly by a professional dentist may cause some real serious health problem. However, looking our dentist up is a really easy step.

We still haven’t talked about the first impression, right? How much better to look at a person with beautiful – white – smile rather than a person who you can tell not visiting his/her dentist for years and has one single coloured tooth?  A good dentist can also increase you self – confident, can’t it?

The state of our teeth can have an effect to our body, our way how we feel, what the dentist should help a lot. There are many information about the bad teeth might cause a headache, a pain in our ears, a swollen face. But beside these it can cause problems which are not in connection with the teeth at first sight. In a far point of our body an illness may grow up, which reasons should looked for in the mouth. An infection of a tooth or more teeth are able to make sick the all body.

Have you ever heard about the illnesses caused by the centre of the infections? A good dentist certainly has…

An inflammation from an infection in a tooth which is not treated by a dentist can grow up easily. Their bacteria may reach with the help of the blood flow to any other points of our body and can create different problems anywhere. The most common centre of the infections are the inflamed teeth, which could be treated by the dentist in time. If we realise the below mentioned signs, and we cannot find their root cause, visit our dentist immediately.

Symptoms which seem to have no connection to the dentist-patient relationship:

  • hair is falling out in patches
  • joint gout without any reason
  • gynaecologist problems relating with ovary
  • male organs’ prostate problems
  • eczema and rashes
  • allergic reactions
  • common or constant low fever

If you observe similar symptoms you can start suspecting some of your teeth maybe have problems. For example, non-vital decayed, not filled in or not properly filled in tooth by the dentist. The infection itself may could cause illnesses. The centre of infection could be one of your bad tooth. If your dentist doesn’t do the job precisely enough, you can have pieces of your teeth, your roots or unseen wisdom teeth in your gum which could also cause you infections. These can cause chronical infections if you don’t visit your dentist in time. The infection of the gum might bring on some similar symptoms. That’s why it’s worth visiting your dentist twice a year at least, or you should definitely have an appointment with your dentist immediately if some of these signs appear. The dentist examines the health of your mouth, your teeth, the roots and the gum with the help of a panoramic X-ray. To prevent more serious diseases, it’s worth to visit your dentist at least twice a year.

The healthy mouth hygiene is necessary – our dentist’s advices

According to our dentists the proper oral hygiene is important not just because of the state and the appearance of your teeth but there are many consequences of the neglect teeth. There are several illnesses could be caused by bad teeth – ask freely about these from your dentist.

Unfortunately, there are no conclusions built in people’s mind about these facts, so dentist should be much more aware and they should give you advices beforehand. The improper oral hygiene increases some of the biggest health issues, like tuberculosis, heart and circulatory disorders or dementia. One of the most dangerous problems are in connection with heart disease which is the most common reason of death in Europe. Many people are clear about keeping right cholesterol level, good blood pressure, but not so keen on keeping their teeth clean or going to the dentist twice a year which could prevent the big number of heart attacks too.

Researchers and dentists conducted surveys which clearly shown if you don’t look after your oral hygiene, soon or later you can come across gum bleeding at the same time you give green lights to about 700 types of bacteria in your mouth. These disease agents meeting with the responsible cells of blood coagulation unfortunately able to give you blood clots which could lead you to a heart attack. Therefore, we can live a healthy lifestyle, look after our body, eat healthy food, do sports, if we don’t look after our oral hygiene and we don’t go regularly for check-ups with our dentist, the possibility of the heart attack is quite high. The help of our dentist the risk could be decreased.

What helps to lessen the risk of heart disease? You wouldn’t even think…

Our dentist gives you a couple of everyday advices:

  • brush your teeth twice a day
  • the duration should be at least three minutes
  • change your tooth brush monthly, or use more at the same time
  • the tooth brush should have 45 % angle with your gum when you brushing it
  • clean the top ones first
  • brush only three tooth at first then move on with the same method
  • move your tooth brush in circles
  • brush you gum gently, but it’s a must have
  • follow the instructions of your dentist use other cleaning materials, like dental floss, special brushes – tooth paste, mouth wash, water flosser, interdental toothbrush

Don’t forget the advises of your dentist!

What else can a dentist recognise?

It’s important to look after on our teeth in many ways, there are many signs which appear in the mouth before you even realise you have some illnesses. These can be identified by regular dentist check-ups easily. For example, anaemia, lack of vitamins and viral infections.  The dentist will recognise these immediately and of course makes your attention to do the right steps as prevention.

To replacement of your missing teeth as soon as possible which is most dentists’ sincere advice:

If our tooth breaks, decayed or missing, our chewing capacity lessens, pain of our jaw, muscles could appear when eating so we could feel strong pain around the ears, partial headache, neck-, back ache and lockjaw could develop. You must replace your missing tooth by your dentist as soon as possible. There are many different solutions for this, the most safe and long term one is unfortunately, the most expensive one, the implant.

To be continued….


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