Success stories regarding the dental implant’s treatments in Hungary

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Success stories regarding the dental implant’s treatments in Hungary

People can live for ages without smiling. Could you imagine that? You ashamed of your teeth, or a missing tooth, and you don’t smile for ages. Can you imagine if you are speaking with somebody who has a very bad, foul breath? Can you imagine that you are the person who is the guy with this problem and the people whisper over your head? And you are afraid of every spoken word?

Could you imagine that you can be over your complex and live a whole life again? Think over this: what do you win if you come over to Hungary and have a professional dental treatment for a half price than in your country? Believe it or not, we can make your life happier.

We would like to claim some pretty satisfied patients’ stories. Each story is about dental implants in Hungary, which were placed in our famous clinic, in the Breier clinic. This article will help to decide to make this step and come over to Hungary to have dental treatments. Some of them are so moving. After each story, you can see before – after photos about our patients (with their permission).


A very satisfied patient

Since my childhood, I have had serious dental problems (I have already had some decayed tooth, and some of them dislocated) and I spent a lot of time at different kind of dentists, that caused my fear from the dentist’s offices from time to time. After the lack of regular dentist’s check I wasn’t surprised when I found myself without any smile, however I was only 47 years old. I had only a few healthy teeth left, and I thought I can’t postpone my dental treatment to fix my teeth anymore. So, I decided to look for a proper dentist.

Knowing about the time of the dental procedure was here, it was hard to go on like I’m afraid of smiling because of my teeth or rather the lack of it and that is the reason I was ashamed. My wife convinced me to get it done and I started to search for the best dentists and found the final solution. I’m a distrustful and a worried person, I spent a lot of time on finding an unexceptional resolution. A came to Budapest for a week to check the 5 chosen clinic on the Internet, I visited several blogs and read patients’ opinion and feedback regarding the dental implants in Hungary.

I went to 5 different clinics in Budapest and its neighbourhood, and before I went back to Geneva, I also visited the Breier clinic. I saw immediately, this clinic will be the perfect one. The clinic itself and the environment was so modern, quiet, clean. After I discussed everything with Dr Breier, this meeting helped me to make the final decision. The doctor’s calm attitude and his charisma enslaved me. I found what I was looking for: the confidence.

Considering the seriousness of the operation (extraction of 16 tooth, sinus lift, placing of 12 implants). The treatment started at 7 am in the morning and it finished at 12, I have to tell you what I felt from the beginning until the end of the operation, Dr Breier’s precision and accuracy. During the surgery, he found out that one more implant is needed, but it wasn’t included in the quotation, I got it for free. Is it nice, isn’t it?

I would like to highlight the kind backup I got, the assistant explained all steps of the treatment and calmed me down continuously. I spent one week in Budapest (I mean Pilisvörösvár), at the end of the week I got a temporary bridge for my upper and lower jaw. After that I needed 6 mouths healing period, which was important before the final crowns.

I felt the change, the effects of the new teeth after the first visit. I got my lost smile back. I became a new person. If somebody still hasn’t been at the same boot with me yet, couldn’t imagine how I felt. The second visit was almost only a formality. They place the new crowns, but this trip was actually a vacation with a city tour and lots of entertainment. The price of my new teeth (life) cost 18.000 EUR.

I came back to Hungary for a check up on July, 2016 (it’s free), where I met at the clinic one of my friend, who made the big decision for this serious step. He got 11 implants. I would like to thank everything for Dr Breier and Clément (the French assistant, who is responsible for French speaking patients) for their professional competence. I hope my words get to those patients who are in doubt and convince them.

Cheers: a very satisfied patient.

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Amazing, Gorgeous!!


How can I say in one word my endless happiness, what you can feel after you find your lost smile again? My visit kept only a week and during this short period on time the amazing and perfect doctors of Breier clinic allowed it to me. The staff, the assistants were well-prepared, professional and calm, the hygiene was perfect, the atmosphere was so calming.

The choice between the clinics wasn’t hard for me at all, last year one of my colleague’s husband got a treatment at Breier’s clinic. He was absolutely satisfied; the liability and professionalism of the clinic was clear for me. Dr Pálóczi made an unbelievable work on me, the result is a smile with 24 teeth. In addition, this result was less than a week. Root canal treatments, extraction of a few teeth, removal of bad roots and crowns and finally two unplanned extractions which were done by a bridge.

The first day was certainly the hardest for me, for the doctor and for the whole team as well. In the evening, I realized that fortunately I neither had pain nor my face swallowed up. To finalize my story: the clinic deserves gold medal and it is absolutely unbeatable!

I hope I make the choice easier to the others.

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You can go there with all confidence!

I came to Hungary for dental treatment, like everybody from France and Europe, because in my country it is unpayable. I had to come for 3 visits, it took more than a year, and the most amazing is that I have never met this kind of high level treatment and support in France.

Without of any detail of the whole procedure, I got a fully fixed upper denture, with a help of 12 crowns and 3 implants. All together cost 6000 EUR. This kind of procedures would cost three times more in France.

At the beginning, it was so calming to me that the Breier’s clinic proposed the same treatment plan what I have already got from two famous oral specialists in France. After a tooth extraction, sinus lift, more, than 4 months healing period the placing of the implants, finally, 6 months later I’ve got the final crowns placed healing period placing the crowns. Indeed, the process would seem quite long, but the result is guaranteed only if we do everything by the book.

Dr Breier did my treatment from A till Z, his professionalism and knowledge is amazing, the environment at the clinic was similar to a professional dental clinic in Paris, where the price of an implant is 3000 EUR (instead of 1000 EUR in Hungary). The technicians and the doctors are working together. In France, this is not common.

There is a huge advantage of Breier clinic, they do all kind of treatments in one place. I needed 4 root canal treatments and I just had to go to the next surgery room. Dr Pálóczi, the other, very talented implantologist, without any waiting time, started the procedure immediately. The whole system of the clinic is very well-organized and it is for us, for the patients. The dentists work by heart, you can see that on their attitude and the results. Professional job, professional place! Well-oiled team work, very well educated workers. French dentist could take an example. This is not a joke, you can get a BMW for the price of a Lada.

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