How can a beautiful smile change your life?

Lev Tolstoy Russian writer wrote about the smile the following: “I feel, smile does what we call the beauty of a face; when smiling adds something to the charm of a face, then the face is beautiful, if it doesn’t change during smiling, then it’s ordinary. If the smile is ironic, then it makes the […]

What can bad teeth cause? Why is it worth to visiting our dentist twice a year?

We can feel uncomfortable if our mouth is stinky not only after waking up. Our smile could also be ugly due to missing teeth so in your everyday life you may try to avoid smiling and confidence could be missing from your appearance. On top of these unpleasant symptoms teeth not treated regularly by a […]

10 Fears Of Having A Dental Implant Abroad

We have made a research among our patients to understand what they were afraid of the most when they getting dental implants abroad. What are the main reasons which are putting them off to get it done. We have listed a couple of points below: