Don’t be afraid of smiling…

The beauty is power, the smile is it’s sword (John Ray)

Lev Tolstoy Russian writer wrote about the smile the following: “I feel, smile does what we call the beauty of a face; when smiling adds something to the charm of a face, then the face is beautiful, if it doesn’t change during smiling, then it’s ordinary. If the smile is ironic, then it makes the face ugly.”

From Daniel McNeill – The Face: The natural history: “Anything what can be the source or the motivation of the smile, it has a huge effect on us, the people.”

There are several types of smiling, we are able to communicate with the smile without any words; we can express ourselves, if we like something or not; with the help of the smile we can report messages, we can let the people know about our happiness, bad mood, sadness, pain. Smiling can be content, happy, cheerful, self-satisfied, and also can be the opposite, ironic, up-stage, upset, unfriendly, food for thought, chatty and sometimes it is rejoicing and exulting.

Smile has different meanings, it can share cosiness, communicate warmth, and at the same time it can raise cold, algid feelings, from these facts air can be frosted as well. There is a scary, deadly smile which is able to get somebody’s blood run cold.

Different nationalities’ smile

Looking around in the world, we get a various picture: Japanese smile is mysterious, full of secret, Indonesian smile can mean the two extremities, cheerfulness and also anger. Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean people usually smile when they are ashamed, sad or being at sea. In Asia, mainly in the countries of Persian-Gulf, over and above in Iran, India, Sri-Lanka and in the states of North-Africa, if a woman smiles to a man or backwards, it is a sign for sexual activities. Greek smile is not only when people are happy but also when they are excited or angry.

Russian people don’t smile at strangers, their smile doesn’t mean politeness in their communication. If they are working or doing some serious activities, they never smile. For Russian people to get them smile, they need a serious reason for it. They have an idiom: Laughing without any reason it’s a sign of stupidity. That’s why in Russia you can meet this question a lot: What is it so funny? Did I tell you something which made you laugh?

Children smile with an honest, open heart and shiny eyes. After they grow up unfortunately they change. We rarely present cheerfulness without any reason. To tell the truth, laughing is healthy, makes us happy and gets us beautiful.

Smile is contagious

According to psychologists, smile is contagious. A few weeks old baby is able to make his or her environment happy and also can awoke warm feeling in a cold-hearted person. Because smile is a gift. It is a value, but unfortunately, we go past it, because we find it natural, but most of the time we hold it back for no reason. We have endless smile, use it! Laughing is one of the most expressive and natural reaction of the people in the world.

The anatomy of smiling

Researchers know for a long time that smiling – independently from its nature – good for the spirit. If you are happy, it causes positive effects on your environment, and it can beam back to you.

The muscle work which needed for laughing makes the amount of blood in your brain higher, this way it functions better also means the brain gets more oxygen and hormones, like serotonin hormone, which makes you happier.

The facts: smiling is good for your health

While somebody is smiling, more hormones getting in the brain, these are responsible for happiness – it also makes your immune system stronger.

7 types of smiling

  1. The spontaneous smile – among all the others this is the most beautiful. If somebody is very happy it seems that his spirit is laughing with him too. Not only the mouth but also the eyes are laughing.
  2. The close smile – it means: I’m in friendly mood, but please stay away from me. The mouth is closed.
  3. The artificial smile – you can meet this kind of smile usually at the stores, when you are going closer to the shop assistant. We can observe it on Asian people as well. The brave smile is similar to artificial smile, when somebody is sad and tries to cover his or her sadness with a smile.
  4. The ironic smile – it is coming instinctually, after a joke when somebody is at sea
  5. The apologizing-smile – this is a weapon of women, they usually use it.
  6. The imitate smile – we can observe it at parties, it shows that somebody is full of self-confidence, at least from the outside
  7. The routine smile – the actors and the commentators can do it professionally, like switching the lights on or off

Great first impression – beautiful smile

Perceptions may not be accurate, but they are powerful. As a society, we form instantaneous judgments that determine what extent we listen to, believe, are sceptical of, consider, doubt or trust what a person says, based solely on their appearance. These are only initial judgments and can be changed should we choose to get to know someone better. You never get another chance to make a great first impression!

Studies have shown that people with a great smile are thought to be:

  • more intelligent
  • more successful
  • more outgoing
  • more likeable
  • more productive
  • honest
  • more trusting
  • higher achievers
  • more brave

Interesting facts based on several studies about attractive People:

  • Are afforded the opportunity to earn 12-27% more income.
  • Have disproportionately more opportunities to date and marry.
  • Are assumed to have greater intelligence, capability and personality.

A beautiful smile could change your life. You could have the opportunities for a full and happy life, you could regain your self-confidence and your own personality. With a beautiful smile your life could be whole again.