We have made a research among our patients to understand what they were afraid of the most when they getting dental implants abroad. What are the main reasons which are putting them off to get it done.

We have listed a couple of points below:

1. Reliable

Our dental implant clinic is a very well-known and long run clinic in Hungary. We can assure you we won’t let you down long after your dental implant placement. We have more than a thousand happy patients, you can also read their feedbacks on our website. We recommend to read all the information and frequently asked questions on our website. We know it’s a big decision in everyone’s life, so feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

2. Competence and experience

Our doctors have Master of Science in Implantology from the University of Munich. They have been working for 20 years at our clinic and have a huge experience and reputation in placing dental implants.

3. They have to pay more than the quotation includes

You don’t have to be afraid of it, because your personal quotation also has a price guarantee. The included treatments’ s price won’t change except you won’t change your treatment plan. If the patient would like to have extra dental implants or any other medical treatment it means extra costs. However, our patients don’t have to pay in advance.

4. Quality

Our clinic places special emphasis working only high quality products, our dental implants are made in Germany in 100%, the brand name is Camlog, which is one of the best and the most reliable marque at the market. Beside the high quality of the dental implant, our clinic has a beautiful, modern and up-to-date equipment too.

5. Guarantee

We take full responsibility for our treatments, like 10 years guarantee for the Camlog dental implants, 5 years guarantee for the dental crowns, bridges and the partial or complete dentures,2 years guarantee for the inlay/onlay. If any complication occurs after the treatment, you can contact us immediately and we will find the most effective end fastest solution to solve the problem.

6. Pain

We make the surgeries under local anaesthesia, in this case our patients don’t feel any pain. If you like to get total anaesthesia, please feel free to ask in advance. After the dental implants’ procedure, we give you painkillers and some meds to prevent inflammation. Before the treatments, we can also provide you with some harmless sedative if you wish so.


Dr. Laszlo Breier – Leader of the clinic / Master of Dental Implantology

7. Language problems

An English-speaking host will be with you during your stay, from your arrival to the airport until your leaving Hungary. We will be with you all the time, first when you get your dental implant, the laser therapy and all aftercare visits. We can also take you anywhere you would like to go in Budapest. We translate between you and the doctor (anyway he speaks fluent English), so you don’t have to worry about any language problems.

8. If something happens here during your dental implant placement, are we available all the time?

Of course, we lend you a prepaid mobile phone during your stay, and we are available 24/7.

9. Safety in Hungary

Although Budapest is the capitol city of Hungary it’s also one of the safest capitols in the EU.

10. Hungary disagrees with the EU’s fundamental values?

Most of the time the Hungarian government goes against the decisions of the EU and you can also pop the question how are we operating. We can assure you, our clinic is politically neutral. We believe in solidarity we respect our and the EU’s values.

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